Wong's News Letter

Newsletter of Rev. David Wong
May 25, 2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

      Our stay in the United States is longer than usual this year. Thanks to God's grace, our daughter Mayee is getting married on June 16 this year in Hawaii. We will be returning to China on June 25 after the wedding. In these past few months we have been taking care of our newly arrived grandson. It is very hard for us to leave these lovely and beautiful children. We gladly accept the responsibilities that God had entrusted us. We are thankful for His grace and blessings and dare not deviate from His desire. We sincerely ask that brothers and sisters give thanks to God for the abundant blessings our family have received and continue to pray for our ministry and everyday living in China.
      Thanks for God's guidance; the delegation from the Guangdong Christian Council was well received in Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco during their visit in March and April. They had gained valuable experience in this trip. They would like to take this opportunity to thank the Atherton Baptist Home in Los Angeles and the Full Gospel House in New York for providing room and board for the six- member delegation. Special thanks to brothers and sisters for providing delicious dinner and precious gifts. Their hospitality reflects the love from our Lord. The budget of the visit is US$10,000. A few Los Angeles churches and gospel organizations donated one fourth of the expenses. The rest of the 75% were provided equally by ABC International Ministries, Ahn Hing Company in Los Angeles, and the F/2 Foundation. On behalf of the Guangdong Province Christian Council, we sincerely thank bothers and sisters for their supports in this matter. May God reward your kindness and generosity!
      We are thankful to the gracious God for sending support to the F/2 ministry through devoted brothers and sisters, especially in sponsoring missionary work in the remote mountain villages. F/2 will sponsor additional ten pastors this year. That will bring our total sponsorship to sixteen pastors serving at different churches. Due to inflation and the rise in cost of living, the F/2 Board of Directors has decided to increase the monthly living allowance for each pastor from 500 Yuan to 600 Yuan (about US$80.00). May the Spirit work within those seminary students and encourage them to share the burden of ministering in the mountain village areas. Let us support them financially and in prayer so that they can serve their churches faithfully. Let the Gospel be spread throughout our homeland.
      F/2 is organizing a pastoral team of Hong Kong Swatow Baptist churches to visit churches in Swatow, China during the month of September. The purpose of this trip is to promote better understanding and communication in evangelizing the Gospel, and to explore the possibility of future co-operative ministry. We need you to support us prayerfully in the whole process, and hope that this trip will be fruitful and beneficial.
      There is a Chinese proverb, "Living in peace, but be mindful about the dangers." Esther 4:14 "And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this." As we bathe in the blessings and graces of the Lord, we should be mindful about the need of the improvised churches in those mountain villages. May God bless and utilize the five loaves and two fishes that we have offered. Let us offer our best for the Kingdom of God, let the greatest peace and blessing from God be upon us.

May His Grace be with you always!

In His Service
Pastor David Wong