Summer English Teaching Program in China

April 26, 2007

As of today, three International Ministries teams have signed up to serve in the Summer English Teaching Program (SEP) in China from July 3 to 30 this year. They will work in teams of 4 to 6 members helping to improve the conversation skills of English teachers at Chinese middle schools in rural and minority areas. These Chinese teachers can then pass along to their students the benefits of improving their conversational English speaking skills. The relationships built with teachers and others through this class provide an outstanding opportunity to demonstrate your faith in action. The teams will teach in Jinan ( Shandong ), Sihong ( Jiangsu ) and XingAnMeng ( Inner Mongolia ). Team members will also have a chance to gain first hand experience of the culture and current development of the country. To learn about the program, visit Amity Summer English Teaching Program.