Dr. Gam Shae
Special Assistant on Yunnan Relation
Dr. Gam Shae is invited by the International Ministries to serve as the volunteer Special Assistant of Rev. Benjamin Chan (Area Director of East Asia and India) on Yunnan Relation. His responsibilities include visiting Yunnan, strengthening relationship with churches and NGOs, and exploring service opportunities in the province. Gam maintains a close connection with the China Christian Council and the Three Self Patriotic Movement of Yunnan province

Gam was an IM missionary for 28 years. For sixteen years he served as a seminary New Testament professor in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. For his last twelve years he served as a translation consultant for United Bible Societies in Thailand. He also taught 4 years at Central Baptist Seminary in Kansas City, KS and while in Thailand he served as pastor of a growing and active church.

Contact: gamsshae@juno.com

Empower Christian leaders in Asia
Empower Christian leaders in Asia
Visit churches in Yunnan
Visit churches in Yunnan
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