Discovering the Majors: A Comprehensive Guide to the Big 4 Golf Tournaments

Understanding the Big 4 Golf Tournaments

The Significance of the Big 4 Golf Tournaments

The Origins of the Big 4 Golf Tournaments

The Open Championship

Key takeaway: The Big 4 golf tournaments, namely The Open Championship, the US Open, the Masters Tournament, and the PGA Championship, are the most prestigious and coveted events in professional golf. Each tournament has its unique history, venues, and challenges that make them stand out in the world of golf.

History and Evolution of The Open Championship

The Venues: A Celebration of Golf’s History

The US Open

The US Open: A Battle for America’s Crown

Course Design and Setup: A Test of Skill and Endurance

The Masters Tournament

A Tradition Like No Other: The Masters Tournament

The Swing Era and the Legends of Augusta

The PGA Championship

The PGA Championship: Golf’s Final Major

Course Design and Strategy: A PGA Championship Primer


The YouTube Golf Championship @ Pursell Farms

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